About Us

Rinaline was founded in 2010 by Irina Severin, a recognized ceramist and painter of talent whose work has been exhibited in Switzerland and Canada. She developed an interest in creating necklaces with semi-precious stones over 10 years ago while working in Switzerland on various art projects.

In 2005, Irina Severin relocated to Quebec City in Canada in order to establish her jewelry and painting studio. Customers from around the world have since then acquired her wonderful works through a small jewelry boutique store that was located in the old part of Quebec City.

To make her collections of jewelry available not only to customers in Quebec City but also to women in the United States, Canada, and Europe, she took her business online in 2012. The name Rinaline was chosen in affectionate remembrance of her german-born mother who used to call her by the nickname "Rinalein."